Thursday, October 14, 2010

Motherhood Cocktails

I know you were expecting an ACL update today, however, I thought I'd have pictures from my mom's camera and I was wrong. I've been incredibly busy lately and that's an understatement. For example, yesterday, I had a few extra hours. So, what did I do? I went to the grocery store and made two casseroles. I then told Stephen that I'm refusing to cook for the rest of the week, so that's what we'll survive on. One is a double casserole too, so hopefully they'll last a while.

I've just been so tired lately. I'm sure that allergy medicine isn't helping me with that, but to avoid having boogers and sneezing (gagging) and coughing (gagging) all over the children at work, I man up and take some medicine. Speaking of medicine, I just took my breakfast cocktail which consists of a prenatal with dha, vitamin c, and allergy medicine. Wonderous. Soon, I'll need one of those weekly things to keep all of my medicine. I never took any medicine when I was pregnant with Ian, so I feel a little guilty. Given, I didn't have allergies when I was pregnant with Ian either, so I guess I can't win everything.

Well people, it's time to get ready for my day. Hopefully you'll see my baby at his third ACL soon.

Blog out.


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