Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Quick post FULL of pictures!!

Marissa helping Ian get ahold of his Jack-o-lantern!

Ian heading out the door! He looks pretty excited, though he has no idea what to do.

I just thought he looked adorable in this one. We're waiting on D and M to come outside.

This was D-Money's costume.

This was Ian's reaction to it. So, Dylan kindly took it off until it was dark outside.

 Ian's first house! Like his reaction? I love how he is starring at his bucket. This is when he got pretty excited.

M helping Ian walk.

Ian looking back to make sure we're watching him.

The only picture that I could get of all three of them. Ian wouldn't sit still. He was ready to go.

Stephen pushing the stroller of alcohol.

I wanted a picture of Ian. He wanted his Papa.

Investigation, then eating some!

Stephen put glow sticks all over our stroller so that we wouldn't lose him.

That's it for now folks! It was a fun Halloween and now daddy and Yoda are fast asleep! :)

Blog out.

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