Wednesday, October 13, 2010

First Day of Preschool

Earlier this week, Ian had his first day of preschool, but before I tell you about that, I need to tell you a fun fact about this pregnancy. I gag every. single. time. that I cough, sneeze, or yawn. My allergies have been horrendous lately (I refer to them as pregnancy allergies because I don't have them otherwise) so as you can imagine, I've been gagging nonstop lately.

Onto Ian's first day of school! I was a nervous wreck taking him to school, but I knew that he'd enjoy it... or so I'd hoped. After I put his stuff away and talked to his teacher, I asked him for a kiss, he turns from his toy, kisses me, then keeps playing whilst ignoring me. So, I left. No tears or anything. I was assured by the assistant director that I could call to check on him anytime I want... so I did. The report was really good and she immediately said "he played really hard outside." Then, she went to his class to check on him. He was doing awesome and I was relieved. It took everything in my body not to call 100 times that day, but I did restrain people. I did.

My mom picked Ian up from school and gave me a full report. But before said report, I got this picture:

Um.. seriously!? I had just told these teachers that my son does not sleep. Then, he does this. Isn't he so cute though? I love it. The teachers sent me home a packet and they also send home a daily note that tells me what they did that day, if he had a good, bad, or sad day and comments on it. It tells me how much he ate, his naps times, his diapers, and special notes. Amazing, right? I feel like this is perfect for me, the first time mom.

They said that he counted to 10, which I find very interesting because he only knows 8 and 9 when talking to me. He calls all of the other numbers "numbers." He also made his very first artwork, which is a crown with colored dots on it. I LOVE IT!!

I'm very relieved that his first day went so well. Hopefully, the next will be the same, but I'm still nervous about it! Speaking of which, prince charming just woke up. Goodbye Blog Readers!

Blog out.


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