Monday, October 4, 2010

Mommy Goggles

Good morning! Currently, waffles are being made, so I need to make this quick. Also, sometime today, there may be a new niece being born!! I have baby fever so bad!


Favorite Song: Danny Malone - Baby Blue. He sings it all the time and recognizes it from the start of the guitar. My parents have it, not me. But, I need to get it. I played it on YouTube last night and he loved it. He'll sing parts of the song before they are sung, so he must know it pretty well.

His cast will come off this week hopefully. Good thing, but he's trying to run in it now... yes, it looks as ridiculous as you think.

He will repeat anything you say. And I mean anything. This was learned several times, the hard way.


Besides giving me braxton hicks contractions, heartburn, and nausea... good. Sometimes I don't even notice when I'm having the bh contractions, then I'll notice that my stomach is super hard and what not, so I'll sit down and relax. Other times, they actually hurt a little bit at the same time. Nothing bad, just annoying.

I found the glider that I want for her room that'll go in the living room later. I cannot decide on the color. Which I really need to do because it takes like 6 weeks to come in. Sigh.

That's all today folks. Maybe more later this week, we are having a busy week!

Blog out.


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