Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I have an announcement!

Good day blog readers. I have an announcement! And you'll be the first to know!! ...well, after some family that is.

What is that in Ian's hand?? It's the first picture of his little sibling!! That was back at 7 weeks and I'm now...

12 weeks, 4 days!

That's right, I'll be in my second trimester come Saturday!! To tell my parents, I made them a picture frame. We made one for Stephen's parents too, but we just told them over the phone because we haven't seen them yet.

It is semi-safe here with us. :)

And I know you're wondering... when's this new baby due?

January 15, 2011

A January baby. We're pretty excited over here! I know some people have been wondering why I've been so blah and MIA, etc. etc. And this is my reason. I'm sorry! I've been SOOOOOO tired. <-- That is an understatement. Exhausted, but about 25 hours a day.

Keep your fingers crossed that I get that second trimester boost of energy... I really need it. I feel like I may have seen glimpses of it, but nothing too substantial.

Expect to see many more posts about this now that it's out.

Blog out.

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  1. numero dos will be 4 months old when I graduate ! Hope you get energy too though to be fair you were like the energizer bunny first time around.
    YAY baby!