Saturday, September 4, 2010

Broken Bones

Here I am laying in bed with Ian while he sleeps with his leg propped up on a pillow. My poor little guy. Honestly, I feel a little guilty... well okay... a lot. But we'll get to that in a bit.

Tonight, we got some Pei Wei and were eating in the living room. It was almost time for bed and Ian was crawling on me while I was laying on the couch, then he'd jump off. He did it like 100 times, making Stephen and I watch. I thought nothing of it really, I mean I always hate him rough housing, but what am I going to do. Then we start getting him ready for bed, I change his diaper, Stephen gets his water. Ian gave me a night night kiss, then proceeded to climb onto the couch and jump off. (I'd already told him no because it would hurt). Then, I heard a snap and he was screaming.

He really didn't cry that much and I was able to console him. He wouldn't put any weight on it and Stephen felt his leg, so we knew a few places it hurt. I called my mom and said "I think Ian may have broken or dislocated something." She said "on my way" and hung up. We took him to the emergency clinic, but they wouldn't see him because he's under 10, so we went to the ER at the closest hospital.

It was a long wait and pretty traumatic.

This is after they x-rayed it (I had to leave the room because of Baby2 and heard all the screaming). I'm glad I wasn't i there. Stephen said the lady grabbed his leg roughly to move it and then he started screaming. What  a bitch... pardon the French. I would have punched her in the face. At this point, we knew it was broken and we were excitedly awaiting the social worker to come talk to us.

Then the nurse came in to put a temporary splint/cast on it. He was really nice and worked with Ian really well.

He didn't get any pain medicine until after this. So, you can imagine all of the screaming that occurred. When I finally picked him up, he clung onto me for dear life. Poor Ian. :(

My parents waited in the ER the whole time, so that explains this next picture:

We are having to forward face Ian way sooner than I'd like to, he's only 22 pounds. But because of that cast, we didn't have much of a choice. He seemed to really enjoy it and actually got a little silly when the pain meds kicked in. We stopped by the pharmacy for meds and bought him an icepack and some cars.

Now, here we are at home, sleeping.

Needless to say, it has been one traumatic week for Ian. See the marks on his face? The worst part is where the bandaid was, it looks bad. But, the part they removed is healing nicely.

That's the start to our holiday weekend, how's yours going?


  1. Social worker : " so what happened"
    Amanda: " my son thinks he can fly ... "

    did the convo go something like that ? hope zilker was fun today !