Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Let's Get Frank

I don't even want to get into how many doctor's appointment my family has been to this last week, let alone month. And don't even mention the pharmacy visits. But, I will tell you that we are getting some answers!

Mommy - I am doing good I think. I still hurt pretty damn bad. On Friday and Saturday I didn't even want to move. I had this constant dull pain along my c-section scar, and any time I sat, stood, walked, anything it would be a sharp pain. It's really hard for me to get comfortable. After my second appointment today, the doctor saw sutures from my c-section and told me that I have irritated it. So, I'm supposed to take it easy, take ibuprofen, and heat it. In 3 days, if the pain isn't gone. I have to go back. She said there are a few different scenarios that we could go through, but let's hope that I don't have to get opened up again and fixed. That would really stink. And my stress level is through the roof. My neck is stiff, it's going down into my shoulder and my arm goes tingly (Yay! for pinched nerves). So, my chiropractor grandma said she'd come up and help try and fix me... as if that's possible. But, she does make me feel better.

Mila - She's on a new medicine. We'll give it to her with her Zegerid. If it works, then we'll slowly take her off the Zegerid. And we actually worked out a plan for two months. I LOVE this doctor! He's awesome, he listened to me, seemed interested and concerned in my daughter and what I had to say about everything. I'm pretty excited about moving forward with her reflux! And, hopefully she gets over it soon.

Ian - SINUS INFECTION! AH! Uncle Michael has always gotten a ton of sinus infections, and yet, it never occurred to me. His eye boogers were outrageous and his eyes looked funny, so I thought it was the beginning stages of pink eye, nope. Sinus infection. How insane. He actually threw up today, which prompted the doctor visit. Now, he's on some antibiotics. Hopefully he starts feeling better soon too.

Now, I must get back to organizing and figuring out all of these hospital bills and insurance crap. I loves it when an insurance company pays something, then rejects all of the claims... I think this is where all of my neck/arm/shoulder stress is coming from. One billing at a time.... I can do this.

Blog out.

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  1. AMANDA!!!! Let me know if you need anything. I could mail you meal!???? Poor thing. Many prayers are coming your way for sanity relaxation. Tell Stephen a back massage is in order. Love you!!!!