Sunday, April 17, 2011


My mom and I took the kids to the zoo last week and it was a lot of fun! Both of them really enjoyed it and then passed out when we got home. I kept trying to get really close to a peacock and kept asking my mom "do you think they'll attack me?" And then one of them charged another animal, but not me. So, I guess my distance was just right, but I did get pretty close to a few of them.

The pictures from the top left are:
1. This is how close I got to the peacock. Impressive huh? I think so. I basically risked my life for this picture. I'm sure the peacock could take me down.
2. Ian feeding the animals. He was so scared so my mom put her hand under his. He giggled, but wouldn't do it again and made us feed the animals. Fun fact: when we were feeding the goats, one of them (she was gigantic, we think pregnant) and she jumped on the fence and was eating over the fence. Ian pointed his finger at her and yelled "GET DOWN!" It was hilarious.
3. Ian's face at the beginning of the train ride. He loves trains. But there were hens and roosters around that kept coming after me and I would get scared. He's learning all of my bad habits by association. But, I was totally playing it cool at this point and was telling him that they wouldn't bother him.
4. Mila on the train! She had a great time. My mom wore her for most of the zoo adventure.
5. My mom and I trying to get Ian to pose with a Longhorn for a picture for my dad. "SMILE!!" He was so tired and delirious, this is all we got. HA! Is this what you want mom? I love it! So cute. :)

In other news, I think I'm going to take Mila to the doctor AGAIN tomorrow. This girl cannot stay away. I think we've been every week since she was born. It gets expensive. But, I think she has RSV again. Is it weird that I think my babies are healthy even though we can't stay out of the doctor? I still think she is. Just struggling with her little immune system at the moment.

Got to go! Today is organize day and I'm going to go through Ian's toys and what not. AH! Wish me luck!

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