Friday, April 8, 2011

What's in the Reader?

This post is more for me than my readers, but I think you'll enjoy it anyways. Ian is sick (we think an ear infection now too) and Mila is sleeping on me, so I've got some time. Oh, Ian's taking a bath. In my handing Google Reader, I star the things that really interest me or that I want to remember for some reason. I'm going through it as we speak to show you what's up in my world.

1. Strawberry Spinach Salad - I sent this link to Jackie (as I do a million recipes) in hopes that she'll prepare it and make it for me. She never does, but it's a good idea! Haha! Maybe I'll make it one day when my kids are grown and I have a memory of sorts.

2. Organized Tools - I thought this was a really cute/organized idea! I saved it in hopes of one day sharing it with Stephen... or just doing it while he's at work one day. I only have so many more of those days left, so I really need to get on that!

3. Project Life - I'm going to do this. I'll start it. It's like a scrapbook (in my mind) but better because mommy writes the children all kinds of notes and thoughts that she was having at that time. I need to start one for my kids. Best. Idea. Ever. Thanks!!

4. One Liner Cards - Just a bunch of hilarity. Click if you want to chuckle.

5. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes - Another thing I sent Jackie that she needs to make happen.

6. Chalkboard Placemats - I want to make these and I want to use them. I'd doodle all kinds of awesome things during dinner. Then, maybe, just maybe, I'd be able to doodle more than the WOW dog and the other dog where you draw 5 circles, then a series of random lines... ya know what I'm talking about?

7. Little Spring in your Step - This is to remind me to go download this kit for a spring srcrapbook page. You should check it out. It's awesome. I love all of her kits! Yeah, you should do it, then start on your Life Project too.

8. Pullout Cabinet Drawers - I want these... in all of my cabinets. Yes please!

9. Pirate Ship Room - This room needs to be Ian's room. Then, Mila needs to have a pimp room too. Could you imagine? I need to get started on that...

10. Chocolate Cupcakes with Flaming Strawberries - Everyone, go to that link. NOW! Then, e-mail Jackie. Beg, plead, get on your knees, kiss her feet, and BEG her to make them! You know you wanna!

11. Cut Outs - I love these. I made one for the Waddell family, but just on the computer, didn't print it. LOVES IT!

That is all. Must go answer my texts. I'm sure it's Jackie, my parents, both, or Amy. Ha!


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