Thursday, August 18, 2011


Yesterday, I was a dumb ass. I was cleaning the entertainment center and put a glass bowl on the coffee table. Ian kept pushing it, I sternly told him to cut it out, so, he looks at me and proceeds to push it off the table, shattering it everywhere, awesome.

There were some war wounds... But I'm ok... Ha! The kids are too.

Mommy made some drastic changes...

The rug is up because I wasn't satisfied with the glass being picked up, and after my battle wounds, I didn't want the babies to get hurt. I made the living room tiny and I removed the coffee table. Which is a Mila-related story, she was trying to go to the hospital I think. She wouldn't stop climbing it and falling and it is metal, so it is happily in its new home, the garage, until further notice.

Now, new day....

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