Monday, August 15, 2011

Mommy Goggles

I'm back! Here's a new edition of Mommy Goggles! I'm thinking I'm going to stick with it this time because it helps me fall asleep (what?! Yes, I usually post these the night before). And well, I've had some trouble sleeping lately.

The kiddos have been incredible lately. I have the normal amount of sibling rivalry, sort of. Mila loves Ian. Anytime he comes around, she lights up and starts giggling and getting super excited. She loves to play with her big brother. She loves to play with his toys. Ian isn't always in the sharing mood though, so he'll snatch it from her and get her a really lame toy to play with. It's almost comical, but I don't (intentionally) encourage it.
They love to play in the pool in the backyard. Mila just sits in her float and will play with a duckie (or whatever toy Ian allows her to have). I wish we had a nice real pool, that would be uber. Do you see how dead our grass is? This dryness is so lame.We are watering the foundation at 9 o'clock-ish at night. I hope it's helping. We need to redo our yard, dessert style.

Anyways, do you see how happy Mila is that Ian is pushing her on the swing? That's like my favorite picture, Stephen took it, you can sort of see Amy's foot in the background. Whom, Ian calls "Aunt Amy." :) He was also letting the swing hit him, then dramatically throwing himself to the ground. It was hilarious. Ian is really, really funny. He has a great, sophisticated sense of humor... kind of like our cousin Dylan. I love it!

We got to go to the pool with Franny and Mila tried out her new bathing suit (via namaw) and hat (via Franny). Um, I'm in love. Doesn't she look absolutely adorable? I almost can't handle it, but I am. And the girl was so worn out that she fell asleep poolside.

I mean, we've been spending, a lot of time at the pool. Even Aunt Amy's... where Mila is so excited, she puts her float on her head.

BTW, can you get over Ian on the slide? How ridiculous is that? And that picture of Mila in her skirt and flower? My dad's favorite! And that Daddy and Ian playing at Chuck-e Cheeses. So much fun! (I know, it's been a while since I've updated).

And completely un-child related, Franny and Feng came over and made us some (super spicy) kung po chicken.

It was really tasty though. :) Do you see the chair behind Feng? He tried to build a blockade to keep Ian out... nothing keeps Ian out from anywhere... lesson learned.

Hopefully you'll be seeing a lot more updates from now on. Have a great week everyone!


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