Monday, August 22, 2011

Ian's First Sleepover!

I am painting, so I'm letting one coat dry, then I'm going to get back out there and finish.... hopefully. I'm already pretty tired. But, I'm tired of not having a bookshelf and I've put it off long enough!

Anyways, onto Ian's first sleepover. My friend Jackie and I have been wanting to have a Weeds-athon lately, where we stay up late (for mom's) and drink and watch/catch up on Weeds. So, we did just that. And, it worked out quite perfectly, if I must say so myself. Around 8, I put on Word World for them to watch. I conveniently put on the "Duck's First Sleepover" episode. Note: They jump on their beds in this show! But, the boys did not! :)

Aren't they so stinking cute?! Ian went to bed really quick for the first time in  his life. But, it was hilarious. Ian started fake snoring and then Julian joined in. I swear, it was taking everything in me (and I'm sure Jackie too) not to burst out into laughter. They were so funny! Then, I guess Ian got pretty tired because she actually told Julian to shhh and then was asleep quickly thereafter.

Julian had a case of the giggles, I'm sure from excitement, come on people, first sleepover! But, Jackie was a superwoman, er... mom, and got him down.

They changed positions a lot, but Julian slept in pretty late (730) and Ian only woke up once at night where he tried to crawl onto the couch with Jackie, then play with some toys, but she put him back to bed... haha!

Sleepover = success. Next time, I think I'll make some waffles with fruit or something. Or maybe pancakes that spell things, or make fruit faces on them. I don't know, but we have got to do it more often! It was a blast.

We also noticed that their play is getting to be really sweet, as in totally awesome. They actually solve some of their problems on their own now!!

Julian has a car Ian wants.
Ian - "Have it, car! Have it!"
Julian hands Ian the car.
Ian - "Thank you Julian" and he hands Julian another car.
**Long Pause**
Ian - "Julian, say 'you're welcome'"

Hahah! They're so funny!

Until next time... paint awaits me.

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