Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ian School

Ian is loving his new school. I'm so glad, I was a bit worried. It's actually not a new school, it's the same one as last year, but he calls it New School, I'm guessing because he has different teachers, whom we love. Here is the little booger on his first day:

Patiently waiting for the doors to open.

I know he doesn't look that excited, but he's VERY excited! Even on the way home, sans nap...

His after school snack.

We actually stopped and got him ice cream too. He requested to go to Grandma and Grandpa's and have Grandma come with me to pick him up too. She happily obliged to the boss's orders.

This last weeks, things did not go so smoothly. Well, they did for drop off, but he may, or may not, have had a breakdown when I picked him up because one of the little boys brought a train for naptime and Ian did not.

I was actually able to get him in his car seat. He was smooshing himself between the door and the seat.

He sat on the floor, refused to walk, screaming, screaming, people, at the top of his lungs. I laughed... I'm only human, and just kept walking. As he would stop, throw himself to the ground with his backpack, then continue to walk... all. the. way. to. the. car. Parents would stop and watch, some would make comments. I thought it hilarious that many parents thought he was screaming because he wanted to stay at school, they were so wrong, he wanted a train.

Please note, he did not nap.

I finally was able to reason with him. We went to the store and bought a snack and a train, I know, I know. But he was sobbing people... do you not see that face? And then, we went to visit grandpa at work to cheer him  up.

I moved my phone, so it's really blurry.

Ian hugged him for about 2 minutes, then proceeded to eat 2 popsicles (Mila had her first too). That made him happy, we then stopped by grandma's where he gave her a hug to feel better, she had a headache. And he then conned them into watching him by himself for a while. He's really good at getting what he wants out of them. It's pretty brilliant to watch.

Anyways, we're excited about school this semester. It's a lot of fun! Oh, and he goes in the potty at school. I think we are going to do underwear next week. I was a bit nervous on sending him in underwear, so he's been wearing pull-ups. But, I think that we may be ready.

Have a fabulous day!

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