Friday, May 1, 2009

Black & White Years

Last night I went to a show at Stubbs with my dad and Stephen. What?! Amanda went out? What about Ian? My lovely mother stayed home and watched him for us. I got to be a big girl and go out. It was a good time. I was extremely embarrassed at one point, but I'm going to make you wait until later on in the blog to hear it.

The doors opened at 9. This is late. I cannot remember the last time I went out, not as a shaparone. I even had 2 beers!! I had to cut myself off because I was the designated driver. It was great. I do not even remember how many beers that my dad and Stephen had. It was ridiculous. I have a theory that Stephen is turning my dad into an alcoholic. I had never seen my dad drink until he moved to Austin. Then, everytime we go out Stephen buys my dad drinks. This was weird to me the first few times. It's not anymore. We get there and wait a while.

At 10 o'clock, The Mercer's come on and play. They are awesome. I really enjoyed their music. I was confused because the singer looked both old and young. Here is a picture of the singer.

Do you see what I mean? He's old and bald... but he looks almost young too.

Then, the Black and White Years come on and play around 11:00. They play until about 12:30. They were awesome. They were awesome for a few reasons. 

His mustache was awesome. They were a great band. They put on a great show. Stephen refers to it as "Nerd Rock." It makes you want to dance. I wanted to dance. He was definitely the biggest nerd ever. The show was great. Everyone enjoyed it.

Onto my embarrassing moment. What could possibly embarrass me at this show? Well, let me tell you. I have never seen this band before. My fiance and my dad both saw them at ACL last year. It took us a long time to decide who was going to the show. My dad had 4 tickets. Me, Stphen, and my dad ended up going. So, we had an extra ticket. We are getting into the show. My dad is handing over 3 tickets, Stephen is showing his ID. I say "Should I just give this ticket to the guys behind us?" They both say yes! So, I do. The guy says "Um, we're with the band." He kindly takes the ticket anyways saying that he'll give it to a friend. Stephen and my dad turn around and are like "OH! WOW!" THEY LET ME GIVE A TICKET TO THE DRUMMER AND THE SINGER OF THE BLACK AND WHITE YEARS. Anyways, I'm red. And I feel like a complete douche bag. Who does that? I feel bad. I had know idea it was them. During the entire show I was embarrassed.

Le sigh.

Blog out.


  1. hahahahahaha only you amanda, only you.

  2. OMG wow!! lol thats the funniest thing! I like the black and white years too but would not recognize any of them if they were right in front of my face either.

    oh and i like the face that they were awesome because his mustache was awesome! lol