Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Forgetfulness and Friends

I was going to write this blog about my new bedroom furniture I will be getting, but instead I must talk about my morning thus far.

First off, Happy Cinco de Mayo!!! Today should be (and still could be) a great day. I started off the morning by waking up at 7:14, one minute before my alarm. Ian was already awake.


Aunt flow has decided to grace me with her presence. Le sigh. I get cramps now. I can only use natural remedies because I'm still breastfeeding. Note to self: get heating pad back from mom. One year and three months without you... I guess I should welcome you back. I should have seen this coming. I had PMS pretty badly, which I never do. This post-pregnancy should be interesting.


Next, I get Ian to my mom's at 8. YAY! I'm on time. Then, I'm driving to campus. All of the sudden I have a realization. I forgot my laptop at home. I stayed up until 2 AM doing a review. I did not email it to myself (to print at school). Plus, what am I supposed to do in finance now? I can only listen to so many of that senial teacher's sob stories. Oh well, change of plans.

I'm thirsty. Let me get my wallet. Oh wait. That's right. I forgot it at home. I'm supposed to be here until 7 o'clock tonight, and I do not have my wallet. Motherhood has made me so forgetful. Sometimes, on my way to campus, I have a small panic attack because I think that I forgot Ian.

This is where my lovely friends come in. Who can make a day better?! Kevs! All he does is listen to me. And agree. It makes everything better. Same with Carina and Cynthia. We all have our first class together, I don't just run around campus sobbing to everyone. Cynthia gave me money. YAY! What a great mommy.

Could this turn into a good day? Yes, and it is already beginning to look up. I just found out that my night class has been partially cancelled, the professor is sick so we only have a quiz, then we can leave! YAY!!!

I'll quit my crying now. I would post some pictures for you, but all of my pictures are on my laptop... there's always next time.

P.S. A girl announced to the class that she has strep throat. And she came to class. GO HOME! Kevin gave me sanitizer. Life saver.

Blog out.


  1. I saw that girl again and she was talking on the phone. I stopped breathing and covered my mouth. Lol.

  2. yay sanitizer ! I used up an entire bottle already. ...