Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Oh my gosh!! I am so nosey. I used to be afraid to admit this, I'm not anymore. I'm nosey, I'm okay with it. My entire family is this way. When my parents get gossip, it is usually a race to see who can tell me fastest (or anyone I'm sure). This must be where I got it from.

Stephen works with my parents. When he became a member of my family (yes, we're not married, but he is a member), I was wondering if he'd fit it. Stephen isn't the gossipy type. I figured that he would just catch on. I was wrong. I think he actually rebeled and went in the opposite direction. I did not see this as a problem until recently.

Stephen needs to be more nosey than he is. 1) I need to know information. He will not budge. He loves to keep ridiculous things from me. Though, this is getting better. He updates me on work gossip now. I couldn't live without it. 2) He is so un-nosey that he actually does not even read things with his name on it. He goes to bed before me, so sometimes I'll write him a note. I put it under (or over) his cell phone and I write his name on it. He never reads them. It might have important information in it, like pay so-and-so bill or something. They never get read. WTF?! Isn't he curious to read what is under that paper with his name on it?! I asked him about it, he said I always doodle his name, he doesn't mind it.

I guess that we fit like a puzzle in this area. I'm overly nosey, he's not nosey enough. But, the boy needs to step it up a level. READ THINGS WITH YOUR NAME ON IT! =]

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