Monday, May 25, 2009

Mommy Goggles!

Good morning readers! Happy Memorial Day!

Today is a Monday. Today is Ian day.

Ian is as adorable as ever and has lots of tricks up his sleeve. He is now having at least one solid food a day. He loves to eat food. Yesterday, we went on a family walk. It was my dad, Stephen, me, and Ian. We walked around Town Lake. I have never seen a child crying while strolling until yesterday. That child was mine. It is okay though. He knows how to get to his grandpa's heart. My dad ended up carrying Ian the majority of the time while I pushed an empty stroller. We stopped at Daily Juice on the way back to get smoothies. Ian l-o-v-e-s smooties. He actually sucked down Stephen's straw. Then proceeded to stare at Stephen's cup until he got more. Mental note: Ian will kill for smoothies.

He also has this new thing where he kneels, grabbing the side of his crib. Much like this:

We need to lower his crib now. He'll just crawl right over very shortly.

He also had a blast at Franny's graduation picnic at Zilker Park:

He loves playing with Franny. And he really should. She'll be babysitting him a lot when he's a toddler.

Okay, okay. Here's one more. This is from last night. Ian was laying in bed with me and I decided to take a picture. He was in a goofy, playful mood:

Oh Ian. He's so cute. His personality is huge. I wonder what Stephen and I will be in for in the future. It's weird to think about.

Enjoy your Monday!

Ian over.

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