Friday, May 8, 2009

Car Seats

I feel like my blog is slowly turning into a baby blog. In my defense, that is basically all I do. I have a baby AND I baby sit. I have no escape.

Recently I have encountered two issues. Ian is getting heavy. He's only in the 10th percentile, but he's 15 pounds and 9 ounces!! (And 25 inches long) It is hard to carry him in his infant carrier. Not to mention, I'm short, thus, my arms are short. I always feel as though Ian is dragging the ground when I carry him in his carrier. So, I was researching convertible car seats. For those of who who are unfamiliar with this car seat, they are the ones that you can rearface and then forwardface when they are bigger. Right now, Ian is in the middle of the car.

Issue two: during the summer, I have to fit a forwardfacing set, rearfacing seat, AND a booster in my Camry. Car seats are huge. I am going to try and make this possible. I think it'll work out. I read that rearfacing babies should go on the outside because they are the safest in the car. So, I'll probably put Ian and Marissa (his cousin) on the outside. Then, Dylan in the middle (he's in the booster). We'll see. I'm going car seat shopping with my wonderful mother tonight. Is it bad that I'm excited about this?

I'm also excited because we're having a graduation celebration for my aunt tomorrow. She got her BS in nursing from UTMB!!! YAY! Plus, I love family occassions. You get to catch up AND eat great food. Then, I get to have lunch with my moms and grandma on Sunday. I'll write a Mother's Day Special on Sunday. =] Keep tuned in.

Enjoy the beautiful (but rather hot) day!

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  1. My husband was 11 pounds, 23 inches long... AT BIRTH! You want to talk about big babies!