Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mom's Day!!

It is 6 o'clock and I'm sitting in my pajamas watching 30 Rock on Hulu. Ian just went down for a nap, or the night. He only napped for a total of one hour today. There was way too much excitement around! I hope that every mother had a wonderful mother's day, just like mine.

It began with me waking up to Ian breathing like Darth Vader. He was breathing funny, then he'd giggle and make other noises. Such a personality!! Shortly thereafter, Stephen walks in the bedroom with a bagel breakfast sandwich (my favorite), chocolate soy milk, and flowers. DELICIOUS! **Stephen pointed out that he made the flower arrangement himself. He bought different flowers and mixed them together. They are absolutely beautiful.**

Then, I called my mom. She was out getting food for our lunch later. She had a migrane. Stephen immediately gets everybody ready and rushes out the door. He made my mom breakfast too. He wasn't going to let her go without breakfast on her mother's day! What a wonderful man Stephen is.

My grandma and my aunt came over to my parent's place for lunch. Shrimp alfredo. Mmmm. Stephen made his famous bruchetta. It's a hit every time. My mother requested it. My grandma got my mom a big poster and we all put hand prints on it in the form of our family tree. Even Ian put a handprint. Cute. My moms got me new sandals, a sweater, a skirt, and a new nursing tank. I am SUPER excited about it. Ian got his grandma, granny janny, and great-grandma gifts.

Needless to say, this mother's day was fantastic.

Thank you to all of you mothers for all that you do. You never really understand it fully until you're a mother yourself. I still do not know how some mommas do it. =]

Blog out.

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