Thursday, May 14, 2009

Oh Houston

This weekend, my mother, Ian, and I are going to Houston. I

always have mixed feelings about it. (Amy's graduating so we're going to watch). On the good side, we get to see Stephen's parents and possibly Caroline... and of course Amy and her family.

On the stinky side, it's literally stinky. And humid. And big. And let's face it, not as awesome as Austin. I go only to see the people. Stephen gets to stay in lovely Austin. Sadly, he'll be cleaning and helping my uncle put a fence up. But, he'll also get to have peace and quiet. (Ian has been high pitched screaming lately, not because he's angry. Because he can. My ears hurt).

The thing I miss about Houston... is more what I miss about Seabrook. I used to love driving on the coast and being able to see out onto the ocean. In Austin, I get to drive on a lake, but it does not have the same effect.

So, that's two for Houston, a million against. Nonetheless, I

still try and enjoy my trip. It'd be way more awesome if the people and the ocean could come to me, but occasionally I have to go to it.

P.S. Here is what Ian looks like when he sleeps in his sling:


Blog out.

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  1. Ian is pretty freakin adorable in his sling! lol too cute!