Thursday, May 21, 2009


I have been busy! And this is why...

We went to Houston for Amy's graduation!! It was a blast. Amy did amazingly. In case you have not heard me gush about her yet: SUMMA CUM LAUDE AND HIGHEST GPA in her class. She graduated from U of H with a major in Hotel and Restaurant management. I'm on so proud!

There is Ian with Grandma at Amy's graduation party. Cute. I love all of his insane looks.

We ate with Granny Janny and Larry. Ian is drinking water.

This is at Amy's graduation.

Me and Ian on the UT campus. We walked all around with Amy and Broc. Ian was such an Angel this entire event-filled week.

A bar!! Yay! As you can image, I have way more pictures than this. These are just to give you a slight recap of all that I've been up to for the past week. This is why my blog has slacked. And, I'm sorry.

In other exciting news, some more wedding planning has been decided upon. I ordered my dress!!! Amy ordered hers too. =] So now, I need my bridesmaids to come try on some dresses. This is very exciting! I need to get pictures taken as well. Every time I decide upon another detail for the wedding, a weight is lifted off of my shoulders. Oh... AND I think I'm decided on the font for the invititations as well.

I promise my blog will pick back up in interesting posts. Just not right now.

Blog out.

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