Sunday, March 13, 2011

Busy Bee

I've got a lot to do today and have decided to hire my good friend coffee for some help. Only one cup because I don't need two spaztastic bambinos on my hands. Why do I need coffee? Here's my list of things to do today. Keep in mind that I'm a mommy and I have mommy brain times 2! No joke. I am the one who paid mortgage twice in one week. Oops.

  • Go through and organize my hospital bills with the insurance claims.
  • Go through and organize Mila's hospital bills and insurance claims.
  • Yard work (if it ever stops sprinkling).
  • Clean out the fridge (trash comes tomorrow morning).
  • Put away all of the clothes on the dining room table.
  • More laundry because it's uber amounts of fun (lies!).
  • Clean off my desk that's piled about 2 feet high, mostly of insurance information and what not. I swear, after these deliveries an insurance company should hire me. Though, I loathe them, so I probably wouldn't do them much good.
  • Mail out a claims form for Mila.
  • Clean the inside of my car.
That's it. Which really isn't bad. But, Mila is being a clingy baby! I love snuggling though. :)

Cheers! Let's hope this caffeinated beverage works wonders on my energy level.

P.S. I decided on what lens I want next... this beauty. So, if you have a bunch of money burning a hole in your pocket, I'm accepting donations.

**ETA: How could I forget?! I also have a girls night with Amy and Katie! :)

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