Friday, March 18, 2011


WARNING: Super picture heavy!

I love live music. Thus, I love Austin. They have so many music festivals it's ridiculous. And, they seem to have an abundance of live shows. We almost always take the kiddos with us too. Which, is why I love the double stroller and the amazing car seat adapter it came with. It's made life so much easier.

Usually Ian is in the other side, but he got to go to Sea World with Grandma today. Lucky!

(From what I hear, he had a blast!) Anyways, last night we watched the Strokes. They were actually better than they were at ACL, but still... Let me just put it this way. The singer only said a few sentences, which didn't really make sense. And I'm 99% sure he forgot the words to one of his songs. But still, 10x better than the ACL show... and this one was free.

On the way there, we saw a few things that were uber, like this tree that was struck by lightening.

Pretty sweet huh? This also marked another monumental occasion... Jasmine's first time in a big public setting. Need I say, she did amazing.

I had to take a picture with people around to prove to Amy's parents that Jasmine is a good puppy. She'll fit right in.

Ian fell asleep on our way there (we walk) and when he woke up, he was anything but chipper. He'd get up off Stephen's lap and run to Mila, give her 20 kisses, then run back. And would yell NO! at everyone else. Then, he laid back down with Stephen:

And he didn't fully wake up for about 30 minutes. But, when he finally did wake up, he was NONSTOP! We took turns watching him, Cecy got the first shift:

Today was pretty uber-tastic too. First off, let me say that I think Stephen's had an eye for photography but never really picked up my camera. So, today I told him what the manual settings did exposure, aperture, shutter speed, and I sent him on his way. He got two really good shots!

I loves me some good sun flare. And this next one might be my favorite photo of all time.

Shortly after, the guy wiped out and it was awesome. But, I just love so many things about this shot!

Tonight we watched Bowling for Soup and they were hilarious and fun to watch. Mila enjoyed it, but not quite as much as she enjoyed trying to gnaw on grandpa's finger.

She's so cute!! And last, but not least, I have finally been forcing Stephen to take pictures with me again. :)

You're welcome. Now, time for bed and perhaps some cleaning. Night all!

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