Sunday, March 6, 2011


I am sitting here watching The Incredibles with Ian and thought, Hey! I should update my blog!

First things first... my MIL had a birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JANET! Hopefully, we'll see her next weekend to celebrate hers and Stephen's birthdays.

Secondly, Mila. She started screaming nonstop again and I had a slight breakdown. Nonstop screaming for days is very hard to deal cope with when you don't get breaks (or sleep). We took her back to the doctor. And it's still reflux. We increased her dose (she's gained another pound) and we are going to start mixing the medicine ourselves at home instead of in the pharmacy. The medicine becomes less effective after a week or so. This will allow us to continue to mix it and keep it more potent. The doctor says she has severe reflux and if this doesn't help, we'll have to go to a specialist. She's been doing a ton better with the increased dosage (a whole mL more at every dose). The pharmacist wouldn't give me her medicine until they talk to her doctor, so we're waiting on that, but the stuff in the fridge is working. We'll be having to continually increase her dosage. The doctor said that if we can get it under control, we may be able to go down to two doses a day, but it isn't looking that way. But... YAY! to temporary relief! I hope she outgrows it because man-o-man does it seem painful!

This weekend, Rafik brought his fiance over so that we could finally meet her. We love her! They are absolutely adorable together. After much discussion, we were able to talk Rafik into letting us take "6  pictures" of them together.

It was Sandra's first time in Austin so we took her out to 6th street. That was two days ago. My voice in still hoarse from having to yell in bars. I'm too old for that. lol. Anyways, we had a really good time and we cannot wait to see them again.

Ian got to go to his cousin's birthday party and he had a blast!!

I love Ian and his mischievous looks! He was actually really good at the balance beam.

It was even cooler because my uncle got roped into watching him, so I got to sit for a little bit while Mila slept in her car seat. **She slept almost all day yesterday, probably from sheer exhaustion of screaming for the entire week, but it was a nice break.** Overall it's been a really good week.

Hopefully we'll see some more updates. But I don't know. Amy just moved here and she has a week off and I'm getting really close to starting back to work full time... but I'll try!!

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