Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Update Before Bedtime

Yes, it's 10:20pm. Yes, Ian is still awake. He took a super late nap around 6 o'clock. It was an accident. We were eating dinner. And I was turned talking to Stephen. We look over at Ian and he's sleeping in his highchair. It looked almost like he was trying to get out and just fell asleep. The only thing that woke him up was Mila crying. And now, he's still awake and super chipper. Maybe that means he'll let me sleep in tomorrow, though I doubt it. I've been woken up every morning before the sun rises to a very energetic 2-year-old smiling in my face saying "All Done!!" and "Morning!" He's ridiculous and I love it.

Today was Mila's 2 month check-up. And man, is she a healthy girl! She's 11 pounds, 11 ounces, and 21.5 inches long. This puts her in the 75th percentile for weight and 25th percentile for height. Her acid reflux medicine has really helped her be able to eat more so I'm sure she's just going bonkers for baba now. Bonkers for Baba. I like it. Before we treated her reflux, she was only eating every 4 hours, I'm sure because it hurt too bad to eat. Now, she eats every 2 hours. Could you imagine if that didn't hinder her at all? She'd probably be as big as Ian! She did let out a god awful shreak when they gave her the vaccine. Poor bambino.

No pictures for now because my camera is too far away. I'm going to go give Mila her last dose of medicine and try and read before bedtime.

Good night all!!

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