Thursday, March 17, 2011

This morning was monumental. It started off at 4:53am. That's right. Are you reading that? My baby slept from 11:00pm to 4:53am. That's roughly 6 hours of sleep! If she did wake up before that I absolutely do not remember waking up and feeding her and putting her back down. 6 hours. Wow. So what do I decide to do? Shower. It was glorious. Then, I proceeded to eat one of the whole wheat, almond milk waffles I made for Ian the other day. Now, here I sit with Google Reader opened drinking a diet coke.

I must be really selfish with sleep, because I'm actually still a little sleepy. I think the only reason Mila slept so long is because she had her immunizations yesterday. Then, we gave her some Tylenol before bedtime because she was crying a lot, I think that her leg is really sore.

Later this morning, I will be going to the grocery store with both bambinos. We have lots to get! Hopefully we won't spend too much though.We've been on a tight budget ever since I became overzealous and paid the mortgage twice in two weeks. Oops.

Well, if this isn't the most random post ever. I do think that you should take yourself over to Single Dad Laughing and read his most recent post of You are not the man she married. Good post. You should subscribe to his feed too. And read a lot of his stuff, it's pretty good.

As of last night, I started to reread Little Women. I first read it in 4th grade as a gift from my teacher, Mrs. Scott. She was only there for a little while, then on maternity leave, then didn't come back when they found out her daughter had special needs of some sort. At the end of our school year, she gave everyone in the class a book (I believe we all got books) and mine was Little Women. When I read it, it totally reminds me of her. She was a great teacher. There's a few other books that I'm thinking about rereading from then. I really want to read Matilda! And more than that, I want to watch that movie! I remember watching it a million times when I was younger. Good times.

I feel like we need a trampoline in the backyard, but first we need to get rid of all of the dangerous and thorny bushes. Then, we need to decide where to put it. Then, we need to grow a money tree.

That is all.

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