Sunday, March 27, 2011

Jogging Stroller

I have a new appreciation for those parents in Austin (or any other hilly location) who run with their double stroller. Let me tell you. I've been going walking with the kids lately and thought I had worked up the courage to run with them too. I see parents doing it all the time. At the trail, one hoss of a mother, lapped Jackie and I on Town Lake... twice. That's embarrassing. We were only walking though, and she was hauling ass. I had run/walked a few times now, so I mustered up the energy (and the children) this morning. It was actually pretty cold, so they got blankets.

During the walking portion of the adventure. I realized that my BOB was a little tricky to push. Then, I noticed I had a flat tire, so Stephen drove us a pump to pump up the tire. MUCH easier. Then, the jogging started. Oh. My. Goodness. It was intense. You know when you're getting ready to sprint and you take those first three super intense strides? You know the ones, you're leaned forward, you're pushing as hard as you can, on your toes, etc. Well, that's what every. single. step is like when you're with a jogging stroller (minus the downhill portions, those are difficult for many other reasons as you can imagine). Let's just say, my arms, abs, back, butt, legs, and rib(?) muscles are all sore. Yes, I said rib muscles. I didn't know there were muscles there. There are. And they hurt. My entire body is aching. I feel like I just swam a marathon.

Super intense. If you want a good workout. First, come to Austin. Then, come borrow my kids and stroller. That was intense. What helped me make it all the way? Two things.

1) Mila falls asleep when I walk/run. It's glorious. And she'll smile at me a lot. I loves it!

2) Ian. Who would have known he was such a great cheerleader? When I'd start running he'd yell things like "FUN! RUN, RUN, RUN!! Fast!!" It was so encouraging. Then, when I'd stop to walk or something, he'd say "MORE!" HA!

Not to mention, he'd turn around to look at me to say "hi" and see how I was doing, then tell me to run some more. It was very motivating. Had no idea that would happen. But, I loved it! :)

That's all for today folks.