Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I know, you probably got an e-mail with that title and thought that I was losing my mind. I'm not. You see, the other night Stephen and I thought it'd be a great idea to pop some popcorn, (add a few M&M's) and watch a movie with the whole family. It was a great idea, but about half way through, I started laughing. And I turned and looked at Stephen and said "Did you ever think you'd be saying that as a parent?" Thus,Things That You Never Thought You'd Say To Your Kid(s) But Do, or TTYNTYSTYKBD, was born. Catchy... huh? Yeah, I'll try and think of a better name for the sake of your sanity. But, without further ado:

"Ian, will you please get your sister's foot out of your mouth?"

And this one is, perhaps, used WAY too much:

"Ian, quit making out with your sister!"

Will update as I remember these things. But those are my two favorite at the moment.


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