Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July

Happy 5th of July! I hope that everyone had a good 4th. I know we did. I was very nervous about it. Of course Ian had a good 4th last year, but he was in my belly. I just didn't want the fireworks to scare him. Here is a progression of our night:

We are about to leave to go to grandma and T-bone's place. Ian's outfit is adorable. We ended up meeting up the Aaron and Rachel there too. Then we began our journey to the fountain park. (My mom had us an entire picnic all packed up, omg, delicious).

Ian in the water! At first he had clothes on, then he had none, then he crawled right to the middle, the he went flat and was like a worm in the water. It terrified me. Ian LOVES water! I had to run and get the camera. He was putting his face in the water spout you see. Fearless. Do we have ourselves a swimmer? I (and mostly Stephen) sure hope so!

Then he hung out with T-bone and snacked to pass time. He was so excited that he was being allwoed to stay up past his bedtime. It was adorable.

The fireworks started!! Ian loved it. He was just mezmorized by the fireworks. He just starred and starred at them. But, he was exhausted.

Ian is still watching fireworks and trying not to sleep. My mom gave him back to me and he promptly fell asleep during the finale. They let a few fireworks go off after the finale, that woke him up. He slept the whole way back to the apartment. And he slept wonderfully at night.

It was a successful 4th of July! Ian loves fireworks! I hope that everyone's weekend has been wonderful. Tune in tomorrow for Mommy Goggles Monday.

P.S. Amy is coming up on Tuesday for Wedding planning!!

Blog out.

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  1. Were you at town lake? We were there last night too!