Friday, July 3, 2009


I have a few raves to throw out there today. Let me start this blog by stating my level of stress. Ian is going through an uber-attachment phase. I'm not kidding. Ask Amy. When she came to visit, I was having to breastfeed him about every 20 minutes. Yesterday, he missed his second nap, he was very cranky. On the plus side, he slept at night so I wasn't having to constantly lay down with him. Down side, he woke up around 1 AM and wanted to play. (He eventually went back down to sleep). Not only that, but wedding planning. I have been MIA so long, every single one of my bridesmaids (including my maid of honor) called me to make sure I was still alive and that I was okay, etc. How funny, Amy contacted me Monday, the other two, Tuesday. Yes, I am alive... barely.

Coffee is barely doing the trick for me these days. I need natural energy. When I gave birth to Ian, I didn't sleep for a week, I'm not joking. I had so many hormones running through my vaines, I didn't even want to sleep. Stephen thought I was insane. He kept telling me to get rest... he didn't understand, I was high on life. Literally. Hahaha! So, we devised a plan. We are challenging each other to work out in the mornings. I will have to wake up at 5:30 (meaning I will probably have to go to sleep before 2AM). But I'm hoping that the endorphines (+ coffee of course) will give me the energy I need to survive my day. Let's hope this plan works.

Now onto my raves. I've been stressed. If you know me, I never, ever cook. Ever. On Tuesdays and Thursdays we eat dinner with my parents. (My dad must see Ian at least 2 times a week or he suffers withdraws and calls us to come over so he can see him). Anyways, yesterday I was so tired, I cooked dinner for the entire family while my mom watched Ian. There is my first rave. I love how twice a week my parents hold Ian so that Stephen and I can eat a meal of food. Amazing. This makes my day/week every single week.

Next, Stephen. When discussing things that Stephen does, my mom and I often find ourselves saying "that's why he's a keeper." Yes, Stephen is a keeper. He went to Sun Harvest earlier this week (with Ian) to get me some coffee creamer. He came back with Kriek Lambic (black cherry). I got it at BJ's one time, it is amazing. I had a glass, it was relaxing. He also offered to watch Ian while I went to a movie and showered. I know this seems small. But at night, if Ian wakes up and there is no boob, World War III breaks loose. I did not accept this offer because I could not bare the idea of Ian waking up and being upset while I was enjoying myself. Needless to say, I would not be enjoying myself, thus defeating the purpose of going to the movies. But, it was an amazing thoughtful offer. The idea that he would volunteer himself for that torture just so that I can get some fresh air... he's a keeper. Things like this are constantly happening with Stephen, these are just two examples. I'm glad I'm going to marry him. :)

Finally, Amy, the maid of honor. Amy is extremely organized and must always be busy (remember, she was summa cum laude and top of her class? Lazy people do not get this honor). This has greatly worked out to my advantage. She is only working now because she graduated. She is twiddling her thumbs awaiting orders from me so she can plan a wedding. I'm thinking of hiring her as my wedding consultant... I can do that right? She has planned another trip up here next week (she was just here last week). Reason for coming? To plan a wedding of course. Oh and... to force me into getting a massage while she watches Ian. Did I mention she was paying for it too? This seems like the perfect plan, but I have yet to leave Ian with someone other than my mom, my dad, or Stephen. The thought terrifies me. What a lovely person. She is literally driving to Austin to get me a massage and to watch my child for free. There is a reason that we have been best friends since we were 5, this is one of them. I will also give her uber amounts of phone numbers so she can make calls for me and go to appointments with me. She swears she can hear the stress in my voice. Is that even possible?

Ugh, long blog today. Did you seriously read the entire thing? I have to go now, the boys are back from their morning walk. I seriously just got about 15 mintues to myself!

Blog out.

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