Friday, July 31, 2009

Ian went to Bed a Baby and Woke Up a Man

Will somebody please tell me where the past 9 months went? I know, he's only 8 months, but he will be 9 very shortly. Over the past few days it looked like Ian was teething one tooth on the upper deck. Yesterday, he suddenly had THREE teeth up there.

Ian wakes me up every morning. I love the days like today when it is with a huge smile. (Here is a long parenthases story... I woke up one morning last week and freaked out because I didn't see Ian in the bed. He had climbed up onto the headboard of our bed. I turned and looked at him and he just smiled). Anyways, this morning he woke me up. He was kneeling by my face and talking and smiling. Though, this morning was different. Ian suddenly knew WAY more 'words' than he did yesterday. He usually only says 'dada' and recently he added 'mommy' and 'mama.' However, this morning... 'papa,' 'baba,' 'didi,' 'ladapa.'

It was incredible. I was taken away. My baby is a man. How does he drastically change so much over one night? How is he so wonderful after only 8 months?

I will post my 101 in 1001 later today! Stay tuned! Have a wonderful Friday!

Blog out.

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