Monday, July 13, 2009

Excuses, Excuses

Good morning! It is a very early morning. 5:22 to be exact. I woke up at about 3:45 and decided to get out of bed at 4:45 and begin being productive. Ian awoke me with a wet diaper. He hates wet diapers. I am hoping that that will be mean he will be potty-trained easily, but probably not. Anyways, so far this morning I have had a mini arm workout. I am also now watching Third Rock from the sun as I drink my lovely morning coffee and write my blog.

This brings me to today's post. Excuses. Last Monday was supposed to be the first day of working out for Stephen and I. The beginning of a 3 month challenge. Well, it was my first day. And today is again my first day. Notice that I called this morning's workout a 'mini' workout. It is because it was tiny. I did some push ups and a little bit of weight lifting with tiny weights. Let me begin from last week. I was unable to do my leg workout before Ian woke up. He was having a cranky day. Awesomely, I decided it was a good idea to do my leg workout with Ian strapped to me in his Bjorn. (Note: this is probably a good idea to a person who regularly works out). I wasn't weightlifting. I was doing lunges and squats. I did so many I felt great!

On another side note: I did the squats in front of a mirror. When I would go down, Ian couldn't see himself, we would pop up and he'd see himself and laugh. This was so fun! This is probably why I got carried away. I love to hear his laugh!

Continuing on... My legs started to feel shaky. So, I stopped. For the remainder of the day, my legs were not sore. They were numb. I felt like jelly. Amy can attest to this next portion (along with my entire family). My legs HURT for a week. Today, I feel like the normal sore feeling and it's been a week. Thus, my workouts were put on hold. I was convinced that I pulled every muscle in my legs. (**Note to self** Do not squat and lunge with nearly 17 pound baby repeatedly when you have not worked out in ages). I was unable to get down and up with ease. I thought I saw a bug, and I couldn't hop up. If you know me, this is incredible. I will sacrifice others to get away from bugs!

Needless to say, with this morning's workout, I took it very easy. I need to be able to carry around Ian. So, I went light on the arms. Hopefully, today is the real beginning to my challenge against my fiance. Whom by the way is doing great. He swims at Barton Springs twice a week with my brother. Stephen is much like a dolphin. He hasn't swam in forever, yet he jumps into the pool and leisurely swims to the other side with ease. He looks so graceful. I'm so jealous! I need his abilities!

Since this blog is about excuses, I'm going to go ahead and throw one out there. WARNING: Do not click the following link unless you want to bawl your eyes out!! Pray for Dylan. This is the blog that I somehow came across and have been following. I always check my blogger page before writing my blogs. Not anymore, write THEN read. I cannot read that blog without tearing up. I am so grateful that Ian is a healthy baby. I feel terrible for any baby that has to have IV's and endure that sort of trauma. Poor thing. I can't even imagine. I'm thinking about ordering some of the family's orange wristbands. (This site has driven me to do research on Dylan's cancer, it has an 85% 5+ year survival rate on young children, so keep him in your prayers, it is a lot of trauma for the poor little guy).

Onto a happier topic: I have a notebook in which I will begin brainstorming for my 101 in 1001 days. Read Chelsea's blog to get the gist. (I do not feel like making this blong (long-blog) and longer!) I do not know when I will be posting this list. But, it will be sometime, hopefully before school starts back up.

And of course, Ian. Monday's blog would not be complete without my darling boy. He amazes me daily.

Here is Ian in his new shoes! Aren't they adorable? I cannot get over them. I love them.

We took Ian to the mall. This is a new thing, him sitting like this. I guess he's lounging? Lol. He would just bend to get his food. He's so flexible!

Ian standing on Stephen. That blue block is his favorite block of all times. I do not know why. That adorable shirt is from Franny. Yes, Ian still wears 3-6 month clothes. (But, only buy him 9 month old clothes, he'll need them soon).

Me and Ian messing around. See that block? It's a different part of the day!

A family picture! I love it. Ian and Stephen are identical twins, it's eery.

Quick tidbits about Ian:
  • 5 people stopped me and asked if Ian was 4 months old yesterday. Exactly 4 months old from all of them. Ian is double that. Is he really that tiny?!
  • Ian can readily feed himself now. He's a pro.
  • In the dressing room at Macy's yesterday, Ian tried to take a walking-step towards my mom. NOT YET! YOU'RE TOO LITTLE!! (He's already standing on his own for a bit)
Random thoughts:
  • Caroline *bridesmaid* made a blog!
  • I have made uber amounts of wedding progress. For you married ladies, what did your moms wear to your wedding?
  • I rekindled an old romance with Jackie. ;)
  • Google Analytics stinks! It keeps messing up my 'hits.' I have no idea how many people actually visit my site.
  • Today will be an awesome day!
Did you read all of this? I know Kelsi probably did, she's dedicated. Kelsi, we need to get a meal of food ASAP!

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  1. A few comments:

    -Can't wait to read your 101!
    -Do The Shred. Seriously. Only 20 minutes a day. My legs hurt like that too. It felt like my leg was one giant bruise and if you touched it, it hurt SO bad.
    -Look at my wedding pics on my facebook to see what my mom wore to my wedding.