Monday, July 20, 2009

Mini Vaca

Good afternoon!

As promised, here is Mommy Goggles mixed in with a Houston updated. We left for our trip Saturday morning at 4am. I know, sounds crazy right? But Ian hates his being in the car. So, we have to leave while he's sleeping. It worked out. We stopped twice. The second time I decided to go ahead and sit in the back with him. As soon as I got back there, he was out like a light. Here is the proof:

Adorable right? You have to tilt your head to the right to get the full effect. We got to Houston around 7:30 am and ate at Classic Cafe. Mmmmmm. We hadn't been there in forever. It was so delicious. When we got back to the soon-to-be-in-laws' place, Ian played on the porch. He saw Honey go through the doggie door. So obviously, he had to go investigate:He didn't go through the door. But, we sure did want him to. Oh well though. Later that night Amy came to join us at the Bendig's. She made the best margaritas that Stephen's mom feel in love with. We ordered pizza and forced Stephen into watching He's Just Not That Into You. It was a wonderful movie. I loved it.

Sunday, we decided to venture out to Kemah. Ian had a blast in the fountains. He was the only kid there! We went really early though. He loves water. It is adorable:

Then, we got hungry. We had to wait for Joe's to open. So, we sat inside because it was so hot outside. It was way past Ian's nap time, so we had to find ways to entertain him. Here he is with Grandpa:

I love his face! He's thinking "Why on Earth are you letting this man hold me?!" Hahaha, Ian and his faces. Then Granny Janny took her turn:

They are dancing to the music. We had a blast at Kemah. But alas, the trip had to come to an end. On our way out of town, we stopped by Starbucks. The whipped cream god, aka Robe, gave Ian his favorite surprise:

He thoroughly enjoyed it. Then Ian got to see him up close and personal. Uncle Robe got his practice in:

AH! I love this picture too. Ian loves Robe, I promise. It was just sunny and stuff. Robe loved Ian. It was fun. Then, we began our 3 hour, 3 stop journey back home. We made it though! Now, I must get back to reality and wedding planning! Oh, how exciting!

I hope that everyone had a good day.

Blog out.

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