Monday, July 27, 2009

Silence of the Phone

Ever since I had Ian I have this really bad habit about leaving my phone on silent. I always do it. My phone is almost always on silent. I have to remind myself to turn it back on. This is a lesson I learned rather quickly. I would go all day without getting a phone call. Then, suddenly... as I'm putting Ian down to sleep, whether it be a nap or nighttime, my phone would go off. This is the only time during the day that my phone would ring.

Now, it is always on silent. That is my answer. I love this. However, I never use my phone anymore, except of course for texting. I just checked my voicemail and there was a message from Franny. Weird. Oh, look, there is also a few missed calls. On my phone, it just says "Notification" on the bottom for everything. I always assume it is for my low battery because I also never charge my phone. This is weird for those of you who knew me way back when. I was always on my phone. This is not true anymore.

Lately, it has been a fault. I have yet to return calls to wedding vendors and/or make calls back. Even my grandma called. I listened to the voicemail at about 6am this morning and decided I would wait until 10ish to call her back when she would be awake. That time came and went. I only remembered because my mom sent me a text message telling me that my grandma was concerned about this. Oops. I should teach my grandma to send me text messages.

Side note: I also need to call the 2 officiants we are considering as well as the photographer. Though, to be honest, the photographer will probably receive an e-mail, not a call. And, since we are being honest, I will probably e-mail the officiants before I call them. Sad? Maybe. I depend on the Internet. My phone does this too, another reason I never use my phone to make actual calls. It is basically a mini laptop I carry around.

I should make it my goal to answer my phone first. In order for that to happen, I must turn the volume on.

This is technically a Monday post so here is the deal with Ian:
  • He said "mommy!" Given, he was crying when he said it, he said it. He wanted his mommy. B-e-a-u-tiful!
  • He has TWO teeth! They are both on the bottom next to each other. He is still teething his upper ones though. I can see white. Still no breakthrough.
  • When I hold his hands when he's standing and let go... he just stands there. Then, he realizes there is nothing to grab onto and lowers himself to the ground and crawls. He can stand. He is not confident.
  • He climbs onto our headboard.
  • He is a-frikin'-dorable!
Stephen had Brian and Charlie come over today. There is just something about 3 grown men on the floor playing with a baby that tears at my heart strings. Ian loved it. He was so happy. Even after they left, he was laughing at everything. What a wonderful little boy.

Blog out.

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