Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My Little Helper

Lately, Ian has been really into helping me out. He will help me cook in the kitchen, like when he takes the Tupperware out of the cabinets. Or when he helps with the blankets. He is currently taking them out of their spot and playing in them. Or from yesterday, he was helping me with my laundry:

See how blurry his arms are? He was busy at work. He had to move fast. I had laundry all over the place. Sometimes, he tries to help with the dishes too. Oh, what a little helper he has turned into. Just thought I'd give him a thanks.

Stephen went on a hike the other day. He found this and sent me a picture:

I love it when people do this sort of thing. It is so cute.

I would like to end my very short blog today with a request. My friend's baby was sick yesterday and he is in the hospital today. I don't know what is wrong. He is a month younger than Ian. I would be terrified if it were Ian. Anyways, my request is that you pray, send your wishes, hope, whatever it is you do, that he is okay. Call him CW. Thanks!

Blog out.

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