Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Calling the Bluff

Stephen and I spent much of our time trying to call one another's bluffs. Do you remember my last post when I told you I found Stephen's wedding band? Well, that's where this conversation starts. Here is how it goes:

A: We should get tattoos on our wedding fingers.
S: Is that my wedding band?
A: No. I would make you get both.
S: Well... ok. I have an addictive personality though, so I will become addicted to tattoos.
A: Oh yeah. Divorce.
S: You don't want to hear my ideas?
A: Fine, I will entertain them, but I'm going to roll my eyes at you.
S: I know.

(Stephen then describes to me a back ying-yang tattoo that is extremely intricate involving a ninja, a samuri, and a dragon. Shortly followed by another, equal as dumb, tattoo on his chest that would result in having his name written on it. My dad is laughing at Stephen. Out loud).

A: *rolls eyes* Yeah, still dumb. Divorce.

Stephen is 25 years old and has no tattoos or piercings. He's trying to call my bluff. He will not. He won't even get one to begin with. I do think it's adorable how he has such odd plans for tattoos though. Tattoos that he will never get. Lately, Stephen has been winning all of our conversations. I usually end the conversation with "tushay." Not fair. I will start to win.

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