Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Water Therapy

Since we brought Ian home and gave him his first bath, he seems have fallen in love with water. As many of you know, Ian had colic for the first 5 months of his life. The ONLY way to soothe him was with water. You could just walk into the kitchen and turn on the water faucet. He would just stare at the water and it would mesmerize him. On his bad days, I would turn on the shower and we would either sit in the water, or on the toilet. He wouldn't always stop crying, but it helped control it some. (**Note, he loves the outdoors too**)

I blame this on Stephen. Stephen is a complete water boy. Remember my last post? He's like a dolphin. Yesterday, Ian got to use his little baby pool that his Aunt Lisa got for him. He absolutely adored it. He stayed in there until he was a big prune. I always pull him out eventually, he has yet to actually want out. Here are some pictures!

Those pruney toes!! This isn't the greatest picture of them, but I promise they are there.

He is just adorable. I had to post that one.

Ian must put everything in his mouth. So delicious.

Adorable. Notice M's leg in the pool in the background. She wanted to play too.

I love the outdoors and water as well. My only problem is that Ian is super white. Whiter than Stephen. I'm super paranoid that he will get sunburned in about 5 minutes. He has yet to be burned... or even tan for that matter. I lather that sunscreen on.

Moral: I love knowing that when Ian is upset, I can just take him outside or to some water. It ALWAYS calms him. It is wonderful.

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