Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Goggles of Mommyhood

I haven't posted in forever because I thought that I lost my memory card. I found it. It was in my camera. Don't question me. I didn't want to post without Ian pictures. He is so much more interesting than my words.

You readers should be proud. I have gotten a lot of wedding details decided. I bought things. I scheduled things. I e-mailed vendors. I made a calendar of events. Amazing. Stephen picked out his groom's cake. It is a neat idea. We decided on the the cake-cake... adorable. Budget? Check. Guestlist? Mostly done, I need addresses. Dresses? Check(ish). Oh lovely.
Oh, this is a shocking revaltion, I cooked dinner for the family. A real dinner. Amy did help. But, I cooked. You can start breathing again. I'm trying to cook more.

Okay, onto Ian. He is starting to "talk" a lot more. Still no momma.... just dadda. We are going to the Riverside fountain today. It should be fun. He liked it on the 4th of July. Scarily, after he pulls up onto furniture, he lets go and just stands there... by himself with no help. It terrifies me.

Picture time:
Ian and I this very morning! He's getting so big.

Everything is blurry but Ian, I'm so good.
(You're welcome, for knowing somebody so awesome)

This onsie is adorable. My moms bought it for Ian. It says "I'm no cry baby!" It is perfect, because he is a cry baby.

Stephen took this picture a while ago and thought he was so clever.

I adore this picture of Ian. Priceless.

During the 4th of July, we got some naked pictures. They will be great for when he's older. :)

Austin Energy shut off my A/C yesterday for 30 minutes and it was 80 frickin' degrees up in this joint. It woke Ian up. He was all read and sweaty. I, luckily, have a child who sweats when the temperature is 78 degrees or above. Poor kiddo. It went back down after an hour. The damage was done. He was awake.

Alright. Well, I got to get to work now. Not to mention, drink my coffee.

Amanda out.

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