Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday Surprise

Good evening readers. We just left Houston for home in Austin. I am currently writing this blog in the car. Is that sad? We just left Starbucks downtown and we are one our way. Ian is full of “dada”’s in the back, Stephen is cruising, I’m sipping on a chai tea, and the Lion King soundtrack is softly playing in the background. It is pretty relaxing.

I will save our Houston update for tomorrow because Ian is highly involved in that update. And well, it isn’t Monday. Though, this blog does stem from a small portion of the trip. Amy, Granny Janny, Stephen and I were sipping on margaritas, about to start watching He’s Just Not That Into You when a preview came on.

The movie looked absolutely terrible. However, one of the ladies in the previews was writing a blog about her cooking. I decided I am going to try and do a weekly (haven’t decided the day yet), blog about a new meal I have cooked. I am trying to become more domesticated, so why not right?

I have two cookbooks, so most of the recipes will probably be from that. Or they will be slight variations. Or, they could be anything that I find particularly alluring. Deal? I am going to try my hardest to make this happen. I will have to admit, I am pretty excited about this new portion of my blog. I am not a cook by any means. Whenever I help my mom cook, or cook with her watching over my shoulder, by little brothers response is always “YOU made this? It tastes good.” Like, wow! It’s never tasted good before. I don’t know whether to take it as a complement or an insult. I try the first.

Sneak Peak:

Ian on the way to Houston.
Blog out.

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  1. Oh my gosh. Julie & Julia? I'm pretty sure that's going to be my favorite movie of all time. A movie about a blogger who cooks? Yes please!!