Friday, August 7, 2009

Continuation of Expansion

I am updating a little late in the day. You might be asking me why... well, Noche had babies. Who is Noche?! Oh, that is one of our beautiful molly fish we got to expand our family. As you all know, we got an aquarium. We decided that we would slowly fill the tank up and get all different kinds of fish so that we can name them all. This was the perfect plan.

We went to the pet store and we got 2 mollys. They are pretty easy to maintain. We got a black one named Dia:
We think that Dia might be sick. She's hiding a lot. We will see...

Here is the orange one, Noche:
This picture doesn't do her justice, she was fat. I knew she was fat. I even made the joke at the pet store that she was pregnant. I was right! If I were to take a picture of her now, she's skinny like Dia.

Anyways, this morning I woke up and I went to check on the fish, just as Ian and I have been doing every morning. He loves fish! I saw a little baby fish! I freaked, I called Stephen at work. I never call him at work. He just laughs. My older brother told me to just let them eat the little boogers. I can't do that. Stephen told me to go to the pet store and buy a little thing that goes inside the tank. Our favorite fish guy (who we are pretty sure has a crush on Stephen. My Gaydar sucks, but Stephen's pretty sure about this. We might send him in on his own and see if he can get his number) wasn't there. So, I had to settle for the random dude. He was nice enough. I bought this fish net thing. I caught most of the fish.

Before I went to the store, I counted 5 babies. When I came back and was catching them, there were 10. When I went to feed them, there were 11. There was one in the big part of the tank. I decided to leave it there. I'm not evil. But I read online that you can leave them if there are plants and rocks for them to hide. It was close to the rocks too, and it blended in. I think it'll survive. Or, I'll just have Stephen move it when he gets home.

This weekend, Stephen's parents are coming to visit. Our initial plan was to have them accompany us to the pet store so that they could help us pick out another fish for Ian's tank. They don't know it yet, though they might now after they read this. Now that we have nearly 15 fish, I don't know what we're going to do. Maybe we can give the babies to someone... I don't know. I hope we'll pick out another fish. We really want this Hatchet fish. It's adorable. I also want those neon glowing fish.

Ian needs play now. I will update more on our new fishies later!

Blog out.


  1. This reminds me of the episode of Friends when Pheobe has all of the baby rats.

    "We could not let the rats ruins our lives...?"

    Anyone? No, just me..?

  2. Sure we'll help pick out another (probably) pregant fish! gj

  3. wow ! so when will they big enough to eat?