Friday, August 28, 2009


UT needs to give people a common-sense or I'm-not-a-complete-moron entrance exam. Let me start off by saying, I am absolutely thrilled that I will be in only one building this semester that just happens to be on the very edge of campus (there is no sarcasm in that statement). The part I dread most about the school year are the bikers and walkers that are too dumb to read signs and thus throw themselves into traffic. Here are a few incidences from today:

1) I am on 24th street, almost to campus and a student on a bicycle decides it's a good idea to ride in the middle of the street. I mean the absolute middle, yellow line middle. Not only this, but they then proceed to run the red light (they are perpendicular to me) and I almost slam right into them. If I had a crying baby in the car, I probably would have! Listen up stupid bikers, RED MEANS STOP! How you got into UT is beyond me. You're obviously not very smart.

2) I was turning because I had a turn signal and a student stepped into the road. This is that Guadeloupe and 24th intersection. Of course I honk at this person. They look at me like I'm insane. It took everything in my body not to shout out at this person about their sheer ignorance. Come on! These people deserve to get hit if they're going to waltz right out in the middle of the road.

3) I'm walking back to the garage from the FAC. There is construction all over campus. There are 2 construction workers directing traffic because they are backing out an 18-wheeler. A guy is holding a stop sign and another dumb ass student proceeds to walk right by the 18-wheeler almost getting run over. Hey, stop sign dude, the next time a student walks when you're holding the sign, beat the living sh*t out of them with the sign until they stop. Student, I promise that the guy isn't holding the sign up because he thinks it's a good work out for his arm. He's doing it for your safety. And frankly, if you're too stupid to understand this, I hope that you get hit next time. Pay attention people. Oh, if you're simply not smart enough to read the sign, in general, red means stop. Try it out.

These occurrences are extremely common and yet people are still baffled to read headlines like "Biker Got Hit." Come on. Follow the rules. Not only do you people think you are superior and obviously invincible, you're dumb. I'm no rocket scientist, but I know that car vs. pedestrian, the pedestrian will most likely lose.

I no longer feel like graduating from UT will be an honor. It has been brought to my attention, that any person can into to this school.

On a happier note, I was very pleased today when I was on the east side at the family business. When I was leaving there were cops escorting people to a funeral, everyone stopped and pulled over on both sides of the road. I thought this only happened in the country. I'm delighted to see that it also happens in Austin.

Sorry for the downer of a post. But, I am just taken back by people's stupidity.


  1. when i read this, i could hear you yelling it all in my head :)

  2. hahaha ive nearly hit at least 100 pedestrians in houston. AT LEAST....hahaha.