Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sweat Pants Day

I hereby declare today Sweat Pants Day! It is what I'll be wearing for the remainder of the day, and maybe week, or longer? But who's keeping track? For those of you who don't know this about me, I wear sweat pants when I don't feel well. I usually refer to them as "sick pants." Somehow, they just live my spirits.

(*Off story** As I'm writing this, Ian is crawling back and forth from his toy box in the living room to the front door, over and over again. I have no idea what he's doing, but now I can't stop laughing. He's hawling booty too and babbling... oh Ian).

Does anyone ever get their nails done? I do not. Yesterday at dinner, my Aunt Lisa was explaining how my cousin M's nails ALWAYS get messed up afterward... I guess I must be like a 4-year-old. There is a reason for it, and my experience yesterday just proves it. My nails never last for longer than 2 hours (even when a professional does them). I spent a while yesterday doing my nails. As a trick, before I had Ian, I would put on a movie or a long show, and I would start doing my nails. That way, by the time the movie was over, it would have been an hour and my nails should be dry... right? Wrong. Nothing ever works me.

I can literally not touch anything with my nails for an hour and then I somehow mess my nails up! It doesn't matter what I do. I've tried just one coat, base coat, top coat, base and top coat, instant nail dry spray, etc. I don't know what it is. Even when I pay to get them done, I instantly mess it up, so I don't waste my money. Is there some sort of trick that I'm missing out on? Share it with me! I'm willing to listen. On a positive note, my toe nails are almost never messed up. I must walk with grace and my toe nails never touch anything.

So yes, at least while I'm wearing my sick pants, my nails are done. There are only slight mishaps, but nothing huge.

Good morning readers! Have a wonderful day.

Blog out.


  1. I don't paint my fingernails often because it only lasts like 3 days. Not worth my time!

  2. lol, mine always get messed up too. i never do my nails for the same reason as you. =]