Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Tell of the Cursed Apartments

I love my apartments. I don't think this is a secret. I don't know if I've mentioned it before or not, but it is love. We have had 3 different apartments in this complex. I loved them all. The first one, was because they accidentally gave us a 2 bedroom when we wanted a 1 bedroom. They moved us for free into our second apartment. That one was wonderful too. Stephen recently saw the people who live in our second apartment, he says that they look cooler than us. They have musical instruments. I think this makes them way less cooler. That would drive me mad. I am aware they can play instruments all day long. I am also aware that I have a baby who needs to nap. I would like to go to their place when they have kids and play instruments while their child tries to nap. Enough of that. I'm sure they're cool. That isn't the point of this post.

Our complex was turning our office into an awesome, cool place. Right when their plans happened, the first catastrophe happened. Here's how it went down: I was at school all day. Stephen was somewhere... I can't remember where, I'm sure he knows. Stephen comes home and asks if I heard anything. Then, I come home. There are firetrucks everywhere. I counted 10. (Did you even know there were that many trucks in all of Austin?) I forget about them, go to sleep, wake up. There are still 2 firetrucks there. I'm watching the news later and I see our apartments. Apparently, they were on fire. That's not the best of it. It was the building right next to me and Stephen and we didn't notice it was on fire. Don't judge us, we weren't home all day long. In my defense, I was pregnant. That makes this acceptable.

I found the good in the burnt down apartments. For months, we had a security guard drive around at all hours. But, he was only driving around the burned down apartments, which we were next to. Rad. Then the office continued to be built.

Move on a few months (about a year now, come to think of it). Two incidents have occurred. One wasn't at the apartments, but it is still noteworthy. Stephen went for his nightly walk and there was a helicopter and policemen everywhere. After a while he asked a cop what was going on. "Oh, a guy stole a car and led us on a chase. He then crashed into the median. He's wearing dark shorts and a dark shirt" etc etc. Funny, because he described Stephen's clothes. I then made Stephen come home and protect me and Ian. Lol. So, not directly related to the apartment, but close enough.

Finally, last week. I haven't been watching the news so I don't know if it was on there or not. Stephen again is going on a walk (I really need to do these walks, apparently interesting things always happen). He comes back and says there are cop cars driving all through our complex and on the main street and that there is an ambulance, etc in our complex. He said it looked as if they were looking for someone. Bah! I never see any of this! I went outside to check it out, he wasn't making it up. I still have no idea what happened. I do know that when Ian and I were leaving the next day, there was a guy in a forensic vehicle driving around asking people questions. I then saw him put his gloves on when he was talking to one guy... I wonder what happened.

My apartments are a very interesting place. I love them. I know what you guys are thinking, I don't even live in the ghetto. I actually live in a nice place. When I lived in the supplemental student housing on the East side, I constantly came home to cops. But, I don't live there anymore, so it's weird when it happens now.

End of story.

Side Notes:
  • Ian took real steps on his own the other day, but he didn't even notice. I know he can do it now, he's just lazy.
  • Jackie is a bridesmaid.
  • I am really tired today.
  • I need to send out the save the dates... the wedding is less than 6 months away. Why am I such a slacker?
  • School starts soon.
  • Ian is the cutest baby in the entire world.
  • I cannot wait to be a wife.
  • Ian is currently pretending to read a book. He's even flipping the pages. He is so funny.
  • I added a followers link to the right. FOLLOW ME! Jackie complained, so I fixed it.
Blog out.

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