Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mini-Vacation: Beach

Good morning! We went to the beach this past weekend, and it was awesome. I have so many amazing pictures, but I'll try and resist the urge to post them all. Ian is a water baby. We've known this, I've posted about it before. However, I didn't know he was this much of a water baby. I was scared at points. He was crawling into the waves. He was letting the waves hit in him the face and he crawled and crawled further and further into the ocean. AH! I only had about 10 heart attacks, don't worry. Here is Ian playing in the sand:

At one point, Ian reached into the water and pulled out a thing of sand. He then proceeded to put it in his mouth. I was horrified, Amy was horrified, Stephen was laughing.
Here is my crawling water baby:

He's crawling towards Amy. This time, I wouldn't let him go as deep. I am too young for a heart attack.

I brought like 3 of Ian's swimsuits and didn't use one. Ian also has about 5 hats, I didn't bring one. Have you seen how white my baby is? He needed one. Granny Janny and Grandpa met up with us and they bought him a hat (and a surfer outfit and a shirt):

He looks sad. It's because he was throwing a tantrum and trying to throw his hat off. Don't ask me how I got this picture, I have no idea. I think it's because we're looking in a mirror. But come on, isn't this the cutest hat in the entire world? I think so.

Ian really enjoys hitting people in the face:

Poor Granny Janny. Look at that contact. It's a good silloutte picture of them. One step closer to being the smallest water polo player in the world.

Okay, okay. I know that this is pic-heavy. Only two more pictures! Here is a good one of Ian that Granny Janny took. It just makes me smile:

You're smiling too now aren't you? I know you are, I am too. You can even see his upper teeth. What a cutey.

And last, but certainly not least:

Ian can read. At two months, he read a magazine with T-Bone. Now, he can read books. He literally turns pages and stares at them like this. It is completely awesome. We have a genius on our hands!

Our mini-vacation was awesome. We stayed with one of my bridesmaids' family. It was nice. Our room was pitch black at night, we slept wonderfully. Ian slept 12 hours a night, not all at once, but 8-8 basically. We had a really good time. We even got amazing brisket to bring home with us. Delicious!

Side Notes:
  • Grandpa D retired!
  • Soon, I will have 5 bridesmaids.
  • Jackie started a blog!
  • Ian is the most amazing baby in the world.
  • We got rid of one fish.
  • We bought one more fish.
  • We have 4 surviving baby fish.
  • We are about to buy 6 schooling fish.
  • Ian just almost fell asleep while playing on the floor. Has hell froze over?
  • I really need to post a wedding blog entry.
I must be off to get ready for work now! I hope everyone has a fabulous day!

Blog out.

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  1. the pictures are adorable!! and add the link so i can follow you!