Monday, August 10, 2009

Excellent Finds

This weekend, I found some awesome sites that I cannot get over. I love them so much. I will be sharing those with you in a bit. But first... familial updates!! (I will also update later today because it's Ian's 9 month checkup).
  • Noche had 23 fish. 2 died and I think they ate 1. Thus, we have about 20 babies. We went back to the pet store. After some long deliberation, we decided to release the babies in the tank, buy 2 more fish, and let them eat the babies. So far, this has not worked. The fish are not eating the babies!! What?! Who does this? Regardless, we got 2 new fish. One is orange/black and the other is yellow/black. Their names are Juice and Starburst respectively.
  • Stephen's parents came to visit this weekend. We ate at a potential rehearsal dinner place. It was delicious. Stephen and I also hosted a game of Phase 10 with our parents over. It was lots of fun. Ian stayed up really late!
  • Season 2 Episode 10 of 30 Rock is hilarious.
I will go by bullets and try not to miss out on any awesome that I found this weekend. Prepare yourself, I don't know if one person can handle this much awesome in one post.
  • Design Mom - Her blog is incredible. I was going way back to see what other ideas she had. I am in love. She has super cute ideas. She is extremely creative. Her blog has been up since 2006. Dedication. I highly suggest that people follow her blog, even if you don't have kids. You will one day.
  • Mabel's Labels - Yes, I have seen these before. Design Mom had a link on her page. I long for the day when I need to make labels for Ian. You can customize them too which I love. They have labels for everything! Clothes, stationary, household items, etc. You can even order combos.
  • Toddler Bed - I LOVE this too! This is also from Design Mom. See? She's crafty. This is so adorable! It looks easy enough too. I'm thinking with my Uncle David's help, we could even add drawers to the bottom of the bed for some extra storage. I am thinking that this is a great idea for Ian. He never sleeps in his crib (yes, we have a family bed). This toddler bed would be perfect for naps and eventually sleep. It takes up no space. I adore this bed!
  • Organize, organize, organize!! - My mother gave me her Real Simple Family magazine. This is one of my favorite things in the magazine. There is a wall organizer on this site. It looks extremely handy and fun. I'm a nut for organization. I would buy nearly everything on this site if I could. Go browse it, I know that you want to, I did.
  • Schoolfolio - Yes, it is a bit expensive. But, you can store your kids artwork all through school. You are also buying it from a nonprofit. They promote art in schools. Art is important!! Once Ian starts going to school of some kind, I think that I will make this purchase. (This is also from Real Simple).
  • Freckle Box - Another from Real Simple Family. This is neato. I love the storybooks. It inputs your kids name into the book and personalizes it for them. They also have personalized puzzles, lunchboxes, stickers, place mats, favors etc etc. These are great gifts for kids (seriously, the site even says so).
  • Bakerella - Go check out this delicious blog! Look at this Father's Day idea... Um, one word: wonderful. Stephen would probably like this for any occasion, like his birthday. I thought it was adorable.
That is all the awesomeness I have for now. I actually have more, but the blog has got to end some time! Oh, Michael's was having a 50% off frames this weekend. I hope it's still going on so I can go back and buy more. I bought and uber awesome frame with a matte that fits my favorite 8x10 of Ian in his supermodel pose for $5. Steal!

I must finish my coffee, check on the fish, put together Ian's thing for the doctor, etc. I will update later on how Ian's check up goes. Have a great day! Enjoy exploring the wonderful sites.

Blog out.

Ian and I just got back from his well baby check! He is ahead of the game developmentally. So that is awesome. He was 17 pounds 1 ounce (with his diaper) and 26 inches long (stretched to his fullest). His head circumference was over 18 inches... so he's still got a huge head. His height and weight are low apparently. The doctor didn't give me a percentile, she just said "the bottom of the charts." I know he's less than the 5th percentile. He has to go back in 6 weeks for a weight check. Shall be interesting.
He got his first polio vaccine today. He didn't even cry. He's such a big boy!

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  1. looked at some blogs, nice but the art portfolio just looks like a file with pretty colors... toddler bed super cool ! oh and we gave my sister one of those books with a picture of themselves in it once it was hilarious she loved it the little egotistical queen!