Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ian's Firsts

Yesterday, Stephen and I were holding Ian's hands and letting him walk back and forth between us. Ian took a few steps on his own without our help once! It was wonderful! Therefore, I have decided to begin this segment of my blog. Of course, it will only be updated when something new happens. Here is a list that I wrote a while ago. I won't always update in this post, but I'll put a link in the top right corner that will take you to all the posts about Ian's Firsts.

  • 07: First Day! Obviously! After 34 hours of labor and a c-section, Ian was born!
  • 13: Restaurant. Ian ate at Kirby Lane with his grandma, me, Gloria, and Tiffany. This was his very first restaurant. He was an angel.
  • 27: Thanksgiving. Ian got to go to the farm and have an egg hunt.
  • 20: Houston. This was Ian's very first time to go to Houston. We saw his Granny Janny and grandpa.
  • 25: Christmas and night-away-from-home. This was Ian's first night away from home. I was told that T-bone and grandma did not sleep one bit. They laid Ian on their bed and watched him all night long. Any time he moved, my mom ran, warmed the bottle, and fed him. He never cried.
  • 18: Ian found his feet. He stared at them all day long. He would kick one, then the other. It was adorable.
  • 31: Park. Ian visited Riverside park with his mommy and daddy.
  • 03: Found tongue. This is the day where Ian began to grab his tongue and constantly play with it. He has an infamous picture of this!
  • 18: Belly laugh. He was on the trampoline with D and M and he started to belly laugh. First ever. I have a video.
  • 30: Swing. Ian went to Ramsey park with his cousins E and K. He loved the swing, then he promptly hated the swing.
  • 06: Food. This is pretty self explanatory.
  • 12: Sits up on his own with no help.
  • 13: Hike. Ian went on a hike with his mommy and daddy.
  • 29: Ian began is crawling adventures. IT was an army crawl, which he did for a long, long time.
  • 09: Real crawling. Ian finally began to take real crawling steps... he still army crawled most of the time.
  • 23: Teeth! Ian grew his first tooth!
  • 29: Dada. Ian started to say dada... and he wouldn't stop.
  • 25: Mama. Ian finally said mama.
  • 10: Steps. Ian took some steps, but barely. He might have been falling with style.
I just realized that I have a picture or video for almost all of these. I will be adding those shortly. But for now, it's breakfast time for Ian.

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