Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I forgot to update yesterday. It was supposed to be Mommy Goggles. I haven't taken any recent pictures of Ian so I thefted some from my mom.

I love Ian's new 'focus' face. He puts his lips like that. It is hilarious. Speaking of hilarious things... it is really awkward when I'm sitting in a chair and I see a little head bob by. When I look up, there is a tiny child walking around with no destination. No obvious one anyways, I'm sure he knows where he's going. I can't believe he's already walking. Though, when I put shoes on his feet, he stops bending his legs and his feet become stones. If only he had a nice little par of converse to wear around. (My mom bought Ian's outfit for the rehearsal dinner at our wedding... adorable).

Would you like another picture now?

It's a little blurry. But you can definitely see the excitement in his face. He loves  his truck. He climbs on and holds on for dear life. Then dear ole' dad (or grandma, t-bone, or mommy) push him around. Yesterday, he was giggling. His feet don't touch the ground yet. He's little. I'm surprised a person so tiny can have such a huge personality. And so much skill. He knows when to use the pouty face. He knows how to direct grandpa around to get exactly what he wants. Cleaver.

On a note other than Ian. Our a/c has been out since Sunday. Seriously. We need a new unit. Hopefully we get one.

Blog out.

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