Friday, September 4, 2009

Week of Events

This week has been a week just full of... stuff! Here are some bullets to quickly sum it up for you people.

  • August 31 was the first day of lab school. This was a good day. I really enjoyed it. :)
  • September 1 was the day that I declared Ian's Official Walk Day. He's such a joy when he walks. He props himself up. Looks at you, gets a huge giddy smile on his face. Then, he proceeds to walk sideways, then straightens himself out and walks forwards. All with that HUGE goofy smile. It's adorable. Then, he wont' stop because he's a show off. I love it. It makes me laugh.
  • Let's see, Wednesday. I get a claim from my insurance. I'm confused because I have never received a bill from these people and Ian is almost a year old now and I thought I was done paying these dang bills. Needless to say, tuition and medical bills are going to put a huge hole in our pockets. Not to mention, I got an e-mail today from the midwife saying we owed them money as well, a year later. People! Come on! This is going to hurt pretty bad, thousands and thousands of dollars. :(
  • Thursday. Ian and I were getting ready to leave. I was throwing away two bags of trash. I had Ian in my arms, my purse, my keys, and no shoes on. I then proceeded to lift up the dumpster lid and throw 2 bags of garbage in, as well as my keys. We're lucky Ian didn't follow. Thank goodness I had my phone in my purse. My apartment was locked and so was my car. My mom brought over a hanger and she fished out my keys for me because I'm not a capable adult (obviously). Surprisingly, I still made it to the lab school in time. Thank goodness.
  • Good ol' Friday. Today was good. I think Ian may be getting sick. So, I had an early morning (around 530) followed by constant whining and crying until it was time to leave. We are lucky I even made it to school today. Though, this is the day when the midwife e-mailed me. [Caroline also sent me a coffee mug and candy, which I'll post pictures of later.]
I was beginning to come to terms with owing the hospital money and having to pay tuition. But this other bill? Come on, I don't have a paying job anymore. I'm a student now. It's a little ridiculous. Babies are expensive. Ian needs new toys. And soon, a new car seat. Maybe even two. /sigh

I am now going to move on and put this week behind me. Even though I will be facing the reality when I have to pay everything off in a few days. The inlaws are coming in tomorrow. :) That's good. Also, I may get to see Bones and I-han, that's another good thing.

Blog out.

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