Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Three Days in a Weekend?!

Yesss! It was glorious. The in-laws came to visit, we bought IKEA desks, date night, finally saw the progress on my aunt and future uncle's house, ate at County Line, Ian turned 10 months, etc. etc. It was a very good weekend. I even got to sleep in until 8:30 on Saturday. Oh my gosh. Wonderful weekend. Have I mentioned that? It is just way too much for one blog!

I'll start with the in-laws. I love it when they visit. I get a little break. I get to see and play with Ian without being overwhelmed. Example, if I need to visit the lady's room, I can (without Ian screaming). I also enjoy their company. I'm super excited because I think we've started a ritual with them. Every time they come into town, we always meet up with my parents. The past two times we've had them all over here for beverages, snacks, and games! It has been Phase 10. Since I declare that this is a ritual that is to happen during all visits, we should try new games. Stephen is a trooper. He hates Phase 10, but he always plays it. Or maybe, we could keep score next time, we haven't been keeping score.

During these Family Bashes, we drink of course. Always trying new, delicious beers, drinking Amy's Marvelous Margaritas...

Next time, I should cook a meal so that I can mark another thing off of 101 in 1001. I need to update that thing.

Blog out.

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