Monday, September 28, 2009

Somebody has a Case of the Mondays

Hey! Well, it is Monday. And it is a very bleh day. Before I get to talking about my weekend, I will update you with Ian. On Saturday, he went to the Pecan Festival with my parents. He got to go to the petting zoo!

From what they tell me, he wasn't scared at all. They actually had to put his shoes on because he wanted down to play with the animals himself!

I know it's hard to tell, but he has his shoes on and he's standing next to the animal petting it. Adorable! Here is one more from the Pecan Street Festival. This is why he loves going to grandma's and T-Bone's so much!

Nice! Lol. I'm sure he ate a lot of that too. When I picked him up, his lips were red. I said something along the lines of  "Oh, he must have really liked that ice cream cone, his lips are red!" My dad responded with "Oh, no. That was the slush we gave him." I don't think it was a slush, but I can't think of the name that was used. So sorry.

Ian learned some new words this weekend as well. Of course, he's been saying "mommy" and "dadda" for a while now. However, over the weekend he added 2 more words to his repertoire. He now says "baba" (for mommy's milk) and "gama" for grandma! Can you believe it?! He's such a big boy now! Figuratively. Physically, he's still a tiny one. Oddly though, he's eating just about 24 hours a day. If I moved nonstop like he did though, I would probably be tiny too.

Now that Ian's update is over, I am saving my weekend post for tomorrow. You'll have to tune in then!

Good day!

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